Weather maze

Do you remember all the weather vocabulary? Let’s try this maze! Listen to the words and click on the correct image to reach the other side of the board. Good luck!

Fantastic summer!

Summer is here! Practise your English while enjoying it.

Here you have one of the songs of this summer and the lyrics to complete.

YouTube Preview Image

Passing by the _____________
Joy can rise from the dark
As a flash in the _____________

For once I’ll tell you what’s _____________
And how special you are
You’re the smile to my _____________

Have I told you lately
We are _____________ through this trip of time
Oh, what is time
The kind of _____________ that no one knows
Take a look at who’s around you
Spin in circles, ring _____________ with you.

Did I ever tell you we are _____________ through a road called life
Oh, what is life
A piece of pie, bursting from the seems that _____________’s alright
Spin in circles, jump together now

_____________, you can make it grow
From the summer ground
To the highest _____________

Fantastic _____________
Fantastic _____________
Fantastic _____________
Fantastic _____________