Summer kids week 4

Gaudí week

This week we worked about Antoni Gaudí. On Monday we read a book about Antoni Gaudí. On Tuesday we finished the book and we learned the technique of trencadís.

On Wednesday we created a photo frame with the technique of trencadís. On Thursday we created a Kahoot about Antoni Gaudí and we played it on Friday.

If you want to play our kahoot! you can click the link and use the code 702478 for Toni and Oriol’s game and the code 861364 for Clara and Laura’s game.



English Summer Breaking News

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Summer kids weeks 1 and 2

English Summer pre-teens weeks 1 and 2


This week, we have been working on Shakespeare. On Monday we watched a video about his life and two videos, one about Romeo and Juliet and an other about Macbeth. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we created the comics for the two plays. On Thursday and Friday, we prepared the video with the comic and recorded the story.




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Berga project

This week we have worked on the things we could improve of Berga, so that more tourists come to our city.

On Monday we did a brainstorming to decide what problems existed in Berga and we started  to think the possible solutions.

On Tuesday we started a powerpoint to explain the things that we thought on Monday and we searched some photos to put in the powerpoint.

On Wednesday we finished this part of the powerpoint and we wrote the questions to ask to people from the area on Thursday

On Thursday we went to the street to ask some people what they thought about our ideas.

On Friday we added the answers from the survey to the powerpoint and finished our project.

Here you can see our project and we hope you like it!


Walk and Learn

On Wednesday we went to La Cova de Can Maurí.

On Thursday we went to the old Quarter in Berga and Torre de la Petita.

Today we have had a wonderful time in Roc d’Uró and Pi de les 3 branques.

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